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The adventure begins…

I’m a California girl, born & bred, never left. I have travelled around the US, Europe, and Israel, but I’ve never lived anywhere for more than a few weeks. So when the opportunity came for my husband, Todd, to consult in Boston for 6-12 months, I was itching to go. First, it was a job for him, and being out of work for 6 months was taking its toll on us financially and emotionally. Next, since I’ve always lived in SoCal (two seasons: fire and not fire), I wanted to experience another part of the country, especially New England with its definite seasonal changes. Finally, as an empty nester (both my daughters, Shira (21) & Arielle (18) are away at college), I really needed something to take my mind off how much I missed them, and give me something to be excited about. I love history, and coming to Boston has energized my longing to explore the rich cultural heritage this area has to offer. I’m going to continue posting pictures on FB as I don’t think I can do albums here without running into storage limits. This space is for my thoughts, feelings, impressions, and experiences. If you want to comment below, feel free (no haters, please…my self esteem isn’t that great!). Let the adventure begin…

My friends back home said to me, when finding out where we’re moving to, “It’s so cold! I’d rather stay in sunny CA!” According to the people here that I’ve met, it’s the coldest winter they can remember, with temps in the teens and twenties during the day. My impression is that cold is relative. Yes, back home cold is anything less than 65 deg. But here, with my parka, scarf, hat, gloves, long underwear, and sheepskin boots (w/o socks!), I’m quite comfortable. Since I want to get as much out of this time as I can, I’ve vowed to myself not to let the weather stop me from doing things. Now, I’m probably quite naive, and so far it’s just been cold and dry (no snow or rain yet), but I hope I can keep that pledge to myself!

So, we’ve been here exactly one week. I’ve spent the time moving into our 1 bd apartment, slowly getting my kitchen stocked (as a Personal Chef, having everything at hand is very important to me!), and getting used to the idea of not having a car. That last bit has been the biggest change. I’m a Suburbanite, used to having a car at the ready to come and go as I please. I was told that you don’t need a car in Boston, that it’s a very walkable city with reliable public transportation. Also, being an urban area, everything is relatively close by. You know what? It’s true! I’ve been able to find places on Yelp, find a subway or bus route using a door-to-door trip planner website, and wander about the city with ease! So delightful! Today I walked to the grocery store, and here’s how I carted back my purchases:

My urban shopping helper
This is how you carry $100 of groceries

I’ve got my Trader Joe’s shopping bags inside, my TJ cooler bag on the outside, and everything fits. Plus, there’s the exercise walking the 1/2 mile there and back. Win! I can do this!


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